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OC Projects Ltd is a multi-disciplinary refurbishment and fitout organisation specialising in upgrading and modernising buildings across many spectrums. We offer a complete single turnkey design and build operation in the construction industry to refurbish, fitout and transform workplaces.
Car Showroom Fitout

Your showroom or vehicle workshop represent the brands as much as much as the motors within. We are your single point of contact to fitout and upgrade these spaces. Our proven track record make these projects a fast and seamless transition for you.

Commercial & Industry Fitout

Upgrade, refurbish or fit outs to industrial buildings, warehouse or commercial space can be an existing yet challenging task. We offer a single turnkey package to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.  Create, design and build.

Office Fitout

Inspire staff, provide for well-being. Maximise your workplace to become modern, effective and efficient with an office fitout by OC Projects Ltd.

Educational Fitout

A single source contractor for design, fit out, refurbish and upgrade projects in Schools, Colleges, Universities and Academies. Fitout projects are a simple solution with OC Projects Ltd.

Public Sector Fitout

Preserving listed and heritage buildings doesn’t stop the need to conserve, upgrade and modernise. Providing new revenue streams. With our broad range of experience in construction you can be sure of choosing a competent organisation to refurbish and fitout these areas.

Retail Refurbishment

The retail market is rapidly changing with technology fast afoot. We refurbish, fitout buildings to provide profitable spaces to attract new potential customers every day.

10 out of 10 with finishing on time and to cost.

Adam Mason, Facilities Manager, Sixt

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Back to School with Covid Screens and Shields

As the country looks to return to school after months of remote learning and long summer holiday over, many teachers, parents and students will be asking how to return to school safely, adapting to the ‘new normal’. Cleaning, disinfecting, promoting good hand hygiene and maintaining social distancing are all ways to reduce the spread of… Read more »

Re-opening your organisation after Covid19 lockdown

Returning to the workplace with the Covid pandemic following either working at home or being furloughed may feel apprehensive for some. With making adaptions to your workplace will give the peace of mind whilst providing a safe environment to return to the normal or new normal for the future. Here at OC Projects Ltd we… Read more »

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