Detailed Project Cost Forecast

Providing your specification criteria below will enable you to quickly receive an cost forecast for your project from one of our team.

  1. This forecaster form is a basic indicator, by no means comprehensive to suit your application.
  2. Information given will be provided at base level products & components, upgrading is optional.
  3. Figures supplied by return of email are budgetary. Supply and installation are all subject to a site survey, where a comprehensive quote will follow.
  4. Assumption is made that facilities are available such as parking, storage, normal hours weekday working, unrestricted working area, ground or first floor and within an area indicated on the map shown. Please indicate if your situation is different to this in “Other”. 
  5. Statutory compliance such as Building regulations, fire rating will be assessed upon site survey, if required, will be additional to this offer.
  6. Office Concepts serve the following postcode areas: BH, DT, SP, SO, PO, BA, TA, SN, RG, GU, SL, RH, BN.

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