Working From Home – The New Normal

Covid19 forced organisations to switch to remote working very quickly, with migrational change happening reasonably well in a very compressed time period. Now living with the pandemic, working at home has become the ‘new norm’ for many.

Remote working is an opportunity for companies to change their way of working sustainably over the medium to long term. Less office space, less commuting, fewer business trips, shorter breaks and greater employee focus. This can have a positive impact on the remuneration system of companies offering flexibility to deal with unprecedented future crisis events. Remote working could be here to stay becoming an integral part of the way we now work.

Having said that, not all organisations can continue with staff and colleagues working remotely for a long time. People are social creatures! Including the ‘need to belong’ extends to the office too! All key considerations that promote office happiness, workplace trust, healthy well-being besides notably the company’s bottom line. The ‘small talk’ or ‘water-cooler chatter’ has been eliminated with working remotely. Whilst virtual work spaces, shared goals and video conferencing can partially compensate, nothing may be quite as good as back in the office again!

Where organisations may be facing adverse financial challenges caused through a knock-off effect of Covid19, key issues such as property lease break-clauses and end of contracts can be a significant indicator to re-consider this ‘new norm’ way of working. If you would like a price for moving premises, sub-lease an areas, down-sizing, or dilapidation works, please contact us for a quote. It could also be an ideal opportunity whilst the premises are quiet without so many persons around to use the time to advantage with an office fitout, upgrade or freshen up. Contact us with your scheme, we’ll be happy to assist.