Re-opening your organisation after Covid19 lockdown

Returning to the workplace with the Covid pandemic following either working at home or being furloughed may feel apprehensive for some.

With making adaptions to your workplace will give the peace of mind whilst providing a safe environment to return to the normal or new normal for the future. Here at OC Projects Ltd we are confident we can assist your organisation to re-open and back to work. Desk screens, deskscreen toppers, freestanding screens, bespoke screens, office partitions, glass partitioning, PIR lighting, air conditioning testing, space planning, signage and graphics are all services we can help you with as your ‘One-stop shop Provider

Your organisation remains agile as this provide the greatest flexibility. Space planning to create distancing is probably the most cost-effective solution. Consider the movements of staff, colleagues and visitors, including the use of shared facilities, entry and exit points, meeting areas and rooms and signage.


Covid screens and shields for Reception Areas, Offices, Meeting Rooms, Social Hubs, Canteens, Teapoints Production, Manufacturing, Industrial, Retail and much more. We have a wide range of screens and shields in both standard sizes and bespoke made-to-measure. We can manufacture most shapes and sizes to fit most office furniture regardless of it’s age. We are confident we can assist where nothing else will suit. View the range here.


Signage and barriers create a very visual solution showing routes, social distancing, items temporarily out of service etc.


Persons will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently and where practical avoid touching surfaces. Hand sanitisers, disinfection materials and wipes enable persons to clean their own immediate space if they wish. Contact-free sanitisation offers employees easy access and additional peace of mind.


Social distancing carpet tiles and vinyl floor graphics are another reminder to staff, colleagues and visitors about the importance of maintaining Government guidelines to reduce the spread of Covid19. An ideal solution to avoid adhesive tape ruining existing flooring. Another useful consideration especially when moving premises, and upgrading. Contact us for a quote.


Carrying out a deep clean, also flushing of water systems to prevent legionella build up, HVAC filter changes prior to re-opening is a good thing. Increasing the frequency of these functions to reduce the ongoing risks of infection is also advisable.


Lighting upgrades is another consideration including PIR Lighting. A worthwhile beneficial especially if you are moving premises, or upgrading existing. If you would like assistance contact us for a quote

Temperature checks

Thermal imaging systems and non-contact infrared thermometers as assessment devices used to measure a person’s temperature. An elevated temperature is a way to identify a person who may have a Covid19 infection. Although an infected person may be contagious without. If in doubt check the current government guidelines and act accordingly.

Note the current Government guidelines and review your safety measures accordingly.