Historic Listed Heritage Buildings

Preserve, maintain, conserve and modernise historic, listed and heritage buildings can be daunting.  Often this may involve augmentation of a previous or existing use to maintain their external and internal essential characters to create new revenue streams.   For some this can be a significant change of use and transformation.  They require specialist knowledge and skills.  With the complexities and sensitises they can have to these buildings, they should have one thing in common.  Celebrate their significance and ensure the history can be enjoyed by present and future generations. Add to value to local economy in either visitor number or creating spaces for residential and business use as industrial buildings or office.

Works can include:

We at OC Projects Ltd have experience working with Grade I and Grade II listed buildings, with local authorities and other stakeholders during the construction and refurbishment programme

We here at OC Projects Ltd have successfully undertaken historic, listed and heritage refurbishment and upgrade works,  JCT Contracts and have appropriate qualifications, accreditations, skills, training and experience both as Principal Designer and Principal Contractor in accordance with CDM Regulations 2015

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