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Canteen Refurbishment & Fitout for Amesbury, Chippenham, Marlborough, Lacock, Melksham, Salisbury, Swindon, Trowbridge, Westbury, Warminster, Wilton, Wiltshire and the surrounding areas

It can be surprising what a transformation can be achieved by converting a dated location to an interactive modern, light and airy space. To redesign and revolutionise creating quirky themes, interesting furniture to stimulate the stunning look to create a wow factor.  Forming and combining a great sense of ownership and pride in the area. Energy efficient and low maintenance lighting, reduce wasteage, good ventilation, HVAC.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the construction industry we have been refurbishing and fitting out canteens, kitchens, breakouts in Wiltshire for many years.  We work fast pace from initial survey, create, design and build as single turnkey operation complete project management process. We can undertake your complete refurbishment or fitout with as minimal downtime as possible ready for you to move into newly refurbished space as quickly as we can. 

We work with building regulations and can obtain planning permissions if additional change of dimensions height, width and depth or if openings such as windows and doors for this space is required. With our broad range of experience and proven track record, compliance, DDA, listed buildings is all within our portfolio.

OC Projects can help with your Reception Refurbishment, Reception Fitout, Curtain Walling, External Windows and Doors, Reception Desk, Planning Permission, Building Control, Principal Designer, Principal Contractor, CDM Co-Ordinator, Space Planning, Feature lighting, Create design and build, Consultancy service, Moving premises, Corporate image, Interior designer, Company re-brand, Manifestations, Glass and graphics, Building works, Listed buildings, Load bearing walls, Turnkey projects, Front entrance refurbishment, Front entrance fitout, Structural engineer and more.

Canteen: A restaurant provided by an organisation such as company, college or factory for staff or students. Maintaining quality and presentation.  Inject mood and atmosphere. Versatile open plan layout. Breathes company ethos but not overbearing. Define the dining and bar. 

Café: Where staff can eat and drink apart from the normal workspace without leaving the building. Smooth running. Enhance staff engagement.  A sense of space to be proud of. 

Breakout: Any space open to employees or visitors separate from their usual working area. Most suited for small to medium sized organisations.  Complies with health and safety laws for persons to have coffee breaks whilst on constant computer work. Used for employees to relax, eat and even for quick informal meetings. It maybe for communication, collaboration and well-being with meaningful areas. If space allows for semi-private and 1-to-1’s.  Is worth viewing the benefits to how these areas will impact on company performance. Doesn’t have to be a vast, extensive or costly refurbishment. Invest in for the returns with staff productivity, retention and output. 

Dining: To stand up to the demands of high volume of people in relative short timespace. Large open space combines with multifunction purposes whilst rationalise, utilise and improve. For persons to eat, socialise and relax.  This space could be your significant area if limited on large open space elsewhere. Important to consider noise pollution.

OC Projects can help with your Canteen Refurbishment, Canteen Fitout, Breakout Fitout, Café Refurbishment, Kitchen Fitout, Kitchen Refurbishment, Canteen Flooring, Canteen Furniture, Breakout Furniture, Canteen Seating, Table & Chairs, Breakout Barstools, Space planning, Interior designer, Consultancy service, Interior design, and more.

Canteen Refurbishment & Fitout for Amesbury, Chippenham, Marlborough, Lacock, Melksham, Salisbury, Swindon, Trowbridge, Westbury, Warminster, Wilton, Wiltshire and the surrounding areas

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Canteen, Breakout, Dining, Café Refurbishment and Fitout Wiltshire

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